For when you need a designer

As a Professional Web Developer, I have several years creating websites for many of the finest Higher Education Institutions in America. I work to make sure each line of code is correct and up to today’s web standards. As a printer, I used to own Print-n-Stick It, a Florida based printing company. Where I have been running 2 separate companies for some time, my idea is to bring them together, as one, and assist those who need it most, the Vendor.

Working on these educational websites gave me personal satisfaction. I continued on in my career in other areas. Now, I am a Systems Admin for a large education company. I work directly with designers, marketers, and other professionals to bring a unique learning experience to over 8 million students across the United States, and now I want to help you, dear Vendor.

While I had an established business in Florida, moving to Arizona had its challenges. New people, new competition, and new areas to grow. This time, I want to do it differently and help others succeed.

I bring to the table over 15 years of Web Development.

I will assist you with getting a website up-and-running, connected to MailChimp, Facebook, Etsy, or most any other platform available.

I will not add external links to my own brand.

I will not leave my mark on your website.

I will not leave you stranded on the side of the web

I will not over-charge for a service

I WILL help get your site up, I will help include your products and show you how to manage it yourself. I will help connect it to various Social Media sites. and I will continue to support you as long as you need me.

So, I am sure you are asking yourself, "how uch is this going to cost me".

Honestly, I cannot answer that just yet. I have designed sites for Institutions that ran into the thousands of dollars and I have designed sites for churches and non-profits for free.

What I CAN promise you, is you can afford me. My rates will depend on what you need done, how long it takes me, and how much you can ultimately do on your own. You will be surprise at how easy it can be.

If you would like to talk about your needs, please fill out the form and begin a conversation. I am ready and waiting for your call.